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08- Domain

Competency description from M&E lens: Able to identify and explain technically appropriate and relevant design for monitoring and evaluation exercise(s) along with their limitations, and based on the programme purpose, the data needs, and resources available.

Competency type: Domain

Competency label: Technical expertise.

Competency Level and Level Label Competency Level Description

Level 1:

Follows guidelines effectively

Makes timely and technically appropriate decisions, based on applicable M&E rules or guidelines

Clearly explains (verbally and in writing) the rationale behind the technical decisions

Maintains clear communication and transparency on the reasons for the decision taken

Oversees progress of M&E according to the plans and addresses issues including those related to data collection

Level 2:

Gathers information for decision making

Identifies relevant and credible information sources and collects new data, when necessary, from internal and external sources through M&E

Recognises scope of own authority for decision making and escalates to the appropriate level if necessary

Empowers team members to make decisions

Demonstrates accountability, rises above bias, and refers to evidence and standards when making decisions

Level 3:

Draws conclusions from complex information, in the short- to medium-term

Consults internal and external experts to get additional information and evidence to make informed decisions

Develops feasible and technically robust M&E solutions even when dealing with uncertainty and limited information

Demonstrates decisiveness when under pressure or faced with complex or sensitive situations

Analyses the impact of past decisions made and incorporates lessons learnt in future decision-making process

Level 4:

Makes decisions in complex situations

Foresees impact of technical decisions on the M&E process by conducting a comparative analysis of benefits

Weighs up competing views to generate ways forward which will meet organisational evidence needs and goals

Ensures involvement and consultation of the subject experts where necessary

Confidently takes decisions and clearly communicates at a strategic level to move things forward

Level 5:

Makes long term strategic decisions

Swiftly analyses complex and ambiguous information to provide clarity of thinking and direction to M&E in the organization

Foresees the unintended impact(s) of decisions and takes actions to overcome them

Develops organization-wide strategies to manage and mitigate risks to M&E and evidence generation

Gives unbiased advice to ministries/departments based on the basis of robust analysis, and not on the basis of what will be welcomed