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Global Indices for Reforms and Growth


The Government of India has decided to leverage select Global Indices to drive reforms and growth across the country. The Development Monitoring and Evaluation Office (DMEO), NITI Aayog has been designated as the knowledge partner for this exercise to facilitate monitoring progress on these Indices across States/UTs through a single dashboard.


These Indices are divided across four categories – Industry, Development, Economy and Governance, and are being utilized as a means of driving India’s performance across important social, economic and development parameters tracked globally and at the indigenous level. It also aims to serve as a means of improving citizen service delivery through robust data. Another goal of this far-reaching, widespread exercise is the use of these Indices as tools for systemic reforms in the policies and processes which would help in improving the standard and ease of living, creating a conducive ecosystem for investment, and drive sustainable development.


The project would encompass monitoring selected Global Indices (presently 30) to drive reforms and growth across 19 Nodal Ministries/ Departments, 46 Line Ministries/ Departments and all State Governments. In this vein, the project will facilitate (a) Monitoring progress of the States in indigenised indices which rely on relevant data; (b) Driving reforms and growth to support improvement in outcome parameters thereby improving scores of the indices; and hence (c) Improving India’s global ranking. To drive healthy competition among States/UTs and to motivate them to improve States’ performance on these indices, each State/UTs will be scored and ranked on their performance separately on index performance and reform actions.


Based on the discussions held at Cabinet Secretariat and NITI Aayog, Nodal Ministries/Departments have been assigned for each of these Indices. DMEO is also working with NIC and NICSI for the development of a web-based interactive dashboard to enable monitoring of the indices and reforms, which is in an advanced stage of its readiness. In parallel, DMEO is coordinating activities of the Nodal Ministries/Departments in obtaining the necessary information on the indices and reforms required for configuration of the dashboard.


GIRG Dashboard Link to Training Material for Dashboard Index Level Parameters