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Vision, Mission and Strategy



Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our vision is to be an institution recognized globally for its technical competence and credibility in the field of monitoring and evaluation by helping government institutions improve and sustain their development outcomes. Our mission is to institutionalize application and use of monitoring and evaluation at all levels of government policy and programs and help improve the efficiency, effectiveness, equity, sustainability, and achievement of results.


The principles underpinning DMEO’s strategy comprise:


1. Building a high-quality, credible, neutral, independent, and inclusive M&E framework for India.


2. Partnership and collaboration with ministries, departments, and states based on mutual trust and empowering them to undertake M&E.


3. Democratizing data and emphasizing ethics in data collection and management.



DMEO’s strategy is based on the following long-term objectives achievable by 2030. These objectives comprise of medium-term sub-objectives achievable by 2025 and short-term sub-objectives achievable by 2023 as indicated below.


Overview of DMEO’s strategy




DMEO Theory of Change

Goal: Improved effective, efficiency, equity, sustainability and impact of govt. programmes leading to achievement of national development goals & SDGs