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DMEO Dashboards


Outcome Dashboard

DMEO has developed a web-based interactive dashboard which is accessed by the concerned Ministries to upload data on the progress made by them on the Key Performing Indicators (KPIs) captured in the Output-Outcome Framework. Dashboard enables monitoring of outputs & outcomes on an ongoing basis.  With the cooperation of line ministries and implementing actors, a robust monitoring mechanism based on this Framework can revolutionize the governance and implementation of all the CS/CSS schemes of the Government of India. It can be assessed here:


Documents for outcome dashboard can be accessed here: Dashboard Manual and Orientation Presentation


Sectoral Review Dashboard

In order to assess the performance of 17 key sectors (13 infrastructure and 4 social sectors), DMEO prepares monitoring reviews for some of the highest decision-makers in the country. This helps provide a broad overview and track the achievements against set targets for different sectors. In this endeavor, DMEO has developed an interactive dashboard to facilitate monitoring and analysis. The dashboard has been made accessible to Ministries or Departments, enabling them to upload progress data and action taken on tasks from the previous review. It can be assessed here: