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DMEO, under its ‘Sector Reviews’ initiative, facilitates regular monitoring and review of the key infrastructure and social sectors, for some of the highest decision-makers in the country. These reviews, held in coordination with concerned Ministries/Departments, have played a crucial role in the past towards broadening of policy dialogue, developing sector policy (that addresses private and public sector issues), debottlenecking critical sector reforms, resolving inter-ministerial issues, among others.

As part of the Sector Reviews, Key Performance Metrics are defined for each of the sectors, and Annual Targets are agreed in consultation with the respective Ministries/Departments, based on long-term goals of the Ministries, global benchmarks, budget allocations, national priorities, etc. The progress on these metrics is tracked through a web-based interactive Sector Review Dashboard maintained by DMEO. Review meetings are conducted regularly at highest levels to monitor the performance of sectors against these metrics. The progress on the Action Items from these meetings are also tracked on the Sector Review dashboard.