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Railways: The government in Railways Sector aims to adopt a focused outcome-based approach to enhance passenger experience, provide faster, safer, cleaner & efficient means of transport. In addition, it envisages technology driven modernization of systems, processes and infrastructure and increase freight share by adopting customer centric approach & augmenting capacity.


Nodal Ministry/Department: Ministry of Railways

DMEO Nodal: Vaishvii Goel, Young Professional, vaishvii[dot]goel[at]govcontractor[dot]in


Key indicators:

I. Passenger Rail Outcomes

       1. Daily passenger movement

       2. Customer satisfaction index

II. Railway Track - Infrastructure

       3. New Lines added

       4. Gauge Conversion

       5. Doubling

       6. Electrification

III. Freight Terminals and Railway Stations

       7. Redevelopment of stations - Contract awarded

IV. Safety

       8. Elimination of manned level crossings

V. Profitability and Yields

       9. Operating Ratio

Sector information and progress can be viewed here:


Roads: The government in Roads Sector aims to have a sustainable, efficient, safe and internationally comparable quality of road infrastructure in general and National Highways infrastructure in particular to achieve enhanced connectivity, quick mobility to a level which accelerate socio-economic development.


Nodal Ministry/Department: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

DMEO Nodal: B. K. Chaurasia, Economic Officer, chaurasia[dot]bk[at]gov[dot]in


Key indicators:

I. Civil Works

       1. Road length completed (in Kms)

II. Major Projects

       2. Cumulative NHDP (in Kms)

       3. Cumulative SARPD-NE network (in Kms)

       4. Cumulative LWE network

       5. Maximum delay for project (in months)

        6. Number of wayside amenities awarded (number)

III. Quality

       7. Technology usage (ROMDAS or equivalent technology) for completed road network(in km)                           

IV. Safety

        8. Safety audit of roads (% of roads)

        9. Number of black spots rectified (in numbers)

Sector information and progress can be viewed here:


Shipping: The government in Ports, Shipping and Waterways Sector aims to create world class ports and other enabling infrastructure to support domestic as well as international trade. It is important for this sector to be efficient by means of modernization, capacity augmentation, improved connectivity, harnessing waterways, etc. to provide low-cost transportation of goods and to become globally competitive.


Nodal Ministry/Department: Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways

DMEO Nodal: Nikita Tulsyan, M&E Lead, nikita[dot]tulsyan[at]nic[dot]in


Key indicators:

I. Port modernization: Capacity & Traffic Volume

       1. Ongoing major port capacity completed

       2. New major port capacity expansion awarded

       3. Average vessel turnaround time

       4. Investments

       5. Traffic volume handled in major ports

II. Port Ecosystem Efficiency

       6. Time for border compliance- shipping – Export and Import)

III. Connectivity - Modal mix

      7. Coastal Tonnage

IV. Waterways

      8. Number of operational national waterways

      9. Cargo volume handled in National Waterways

Sector information and progress can be viewed here:


Civil Aviation: The government in Civil Aviation Sector aims at building a world-class civil aviation infrastructure for better facilities of global standards, improve regional connectivity, develop skilled human resource, deploy advanced technologies for optimal growth of the sector and optimize consumer satisfaction.


Nodal Ministry/Department: Ministry of Civil Aviation

DMEO Nodal: Vaishvii Goel, Young Professional, vaishvii[dot]goel[at]govcontractor[dot]in


Key indicators:

I. Passenger and cargo outcomes

       1. Passenger and Cargo Capacity

       2. Passenger and Cargo Movement

II. Connectivity outcomes

       3. New tier 2/3 cities connected with airports including RCS and Helipads

       4. Average ASQ rating index

       5. Customer satisfaction index - AAI airports

III. Physical infrastructure

       6. Greenfield projects

       7. Total investment - airport sector

       8. Drones

Sector information and progress can be viewed here