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Other Events

Date/Time: 21st Aug-21 : 4pm Till 21st Aug-21 : 4pm

Two sessions on the ‘Theory of Change’ were led by Harini Kannan, a Research Scientist and Post-Doctoral Fellow at CLEAR/J-PAL SA. The sessions delved deep into the dynamics of… Read More

Date/Time: 12th Aug-21 : 11am Till 12th Aug-21 : 12pm

Abhinash Dash, Joint Director (Evaluation) at DMEO  used three rounds of individual and household level microdata published by Ministry of Health and… Read More

Date/Time: 5th Aug-21 : 1pm Till 13th Aug-21 : 2pm

Nikita Jain, Research Officer at DMEO and Siddharth Rathore, Assistant Professor (Economics) at Delhi University presented their analyses of the recent Consumer Price Index (… Read More

Date/Time: 13th Jul-21 : 4pm Till 13th Jul-21 : 5pm

An article writing workshop (two sessions over 2 days) was led by Amit Kapoor, Chairman, Institute for Competitiveness (IFC). Best practices in writing and research as well… Read More

Date/Time: 3rd Jul-21 : 11am Till 3rd Jul-21 : 3pm

Dr. Manju Katoch who has led over 40 evaluations ranging from RCTs, feasibility studies, needs assessments, etc facilitated a training session on "Planning, Monitoring and… Read More

Date/Time: 25th Jun-21 : 4pm Till 25th Jun-21 : 5pm

Prof. Soham Sahoo from Centre for Public Policy (CPP), IIM Bangalore delivered a session on providing an understanding of the Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis, the details… Read More

Date/Time: 24th Jun-21 : 5pm Till 25th Jun-21 : 5pm

The engaging lecture on Questionnaire Design provided a useful primer to the participants on how to design questionnaires effectively. The lecture focused on important aspects… Read More

Date/Time: 11th May-21 : 4pm Till 11th May-21 : 5pm

This session was conducted by Ms Aparna Krishnan who is the Project Director at JPAL South Asia. The session aimed at providing an insight into administrative data, its multi-… Read More

Date/Time: 5th Jan-21 : 4pm Till 5th Jan-21 : 5pm

Megha Pradhan is a Senior Policy and Training Manager at J-PAL South Asia, where she leads the Education and Gender sectors. This lecture was the first session in the series… Read More

Date/Time: 1st Oct-20 : 6pm Till 1st Oct-20 : 7pm

In line with our commitment to advance gender equality and inclusion, DMEO, NITI Aayog organised a session on Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion on Thursday… Read More