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Other Toolkits

Being one of the apex Monitoring and Evaluation units, we at DMEO believe there is a strong need for sharing information and learning from other stakeholders and organizations doing excellent work in the field of Monitoring, as well as Evaluation. With a view to create benchmarks and share the best practices followed in the field, within India and the world over, we present our effort to create a one-stop access to Monitoring Dashboards and Evaluation Studies.
We hope to build a dialogue with other Monitoring and Evaluation agencies, and develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Our list is not exhaustive, and if you are a stakeholder or organization in the field and have additional links of Evaluation Studies, please feel free to reach out to us and we’d be happy to incorporate the same.
S No. Toolkit Name Organisation Description Link
1 Evaluation Handbook: How to manage gender-responsive evaluation UN Women Gender-responsive evaluation is a robust tool for achieving the transformative agenda laid out in the Sustainable Development Goals. This handbook is a practical guide to help development evaluators and professionals in initiating, managing and/or using gender-responsive evaluations. Toolkit
2 Managing Evaluations: A How-To Guide For Managers and Commissioners of Evaluations World Bank From planning, commissioning, undertaking evaluation to finally reporting and follow-ups, this is a 'know-it-all' gem for evaluators. Download
3 Innovations in evaluation: How to choose, develop and support them UNICEF, BetterEvaluation, EVALSDGs When existing evaluation tools are not enough, we need to draw on innovations in evaluation. This briefing paper identifies key areas where innovation might be most needed and describes a number of innovations to address particular challenges. It talks about leveraging big data, triple-row logic models, among others. Download
4 EvaluATE Resources - Library EvaluATE

This page provides resources for proposal drafting, evaluation design, data collection, reporting and use

5 Evaluation Tools Better Evaluation

This website offers a tool-kit for evaluators; it details 13 key evaluation tools explaining what, why and when they should be used and how to implement them.

6 CLEAR Knowledge hub CLEAR

A collection of practitioner-driven resources of the CLEAR Initiative and others to accelerate M&E capacities and systems and improve the quality of current practices. The Knowledge Hub is a space where publications, training materials, videos and program documents can be found.

7 Evaluation Toolbox Evaluation Toolbox

The toolbox aims to provide a one-stop-site for the evaluation of community sustainability engagement projects that aim to change household behaviours

8 MEASURE Evaluation - Evaluation Tools MEASURE Evaluation

This website provides tools for survey, sampling, assessment of evaluation capacity, preparation of evaluation plan, etc.