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Procurement of Technical Consultancy

S. No. Title Description Link
1. Procurement Session 1: Introduction of Government Rules and Procedures This introductory session on government rules and procedures for procurement focuses majorly on the General Financial Rules 2017, Manual for Procurement of Consultancy and other services 2017 and recently released ‘General instructions on Procurement and Project Management’. View
2. Procurement Session 2(A): Drafting of a Request for Proposal (RFP) This session covers drafting of a Request for Proposal covering Model RFP for Selection of Technical Consultant as recommended by Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. It talks in detail about the clauses in Model RFP, Terms of Reference, Agreement, Deliverables, Criteria for Evaluation and Eligibility. View
3. Procurement Session 2(B): Drafting a Request for Proposal (RFP)- Part II This session continues the discussion on the drafting of a Request for Proposal. It covers DMEO's Draft RFP template and a detailed examination on drafting of Terms of Reference (ToRs) while deriving experiences from previous ToRs prepared by the team. View
4. Procurement Session 3: Guidelines for Engagement of Knowledge Institutions for M&E Studies This video focuses on drafting of RFP and a detailed discussion on contents of Terms of Reference (ToRs). It also covers the different modes of procurement including Nomination basis, Limited Tender Procurement, Open Tender Procurement, through Knowledge Institutions and their principles, procedures and qualification criteria View
5. Procurement Session 4 (A):Open Tender Procurement Process This video covers preparation and publishing of RFP including concurrence of IFD, administrative approvals on RFP, providing sufficient details in the RFP to be published on the CPP Portal. It also discusses submission of proposals, internal deliberations and stakeholder consultations View
6. Procurement Session 4 (B):Open Tender Procurement Process In continuation with the previous session, this video discusses the steps after publishing of the RFP – Pre-Proposal Conference, bid eligibility checks, responsiveness check, bid evaluation, financial proposal opening and evaluation concluding the Open Tender Procurement Process View
7. Procurement Session 5: Limited Tender Procurement, e-Procurement Process: CPP Portal, GeM Portal This session discusses the procedure of Limited Tender Procurement. It also covers how to conduct the e-Procurement Process using Central Public Procurement(CPP)Portal and Government e-marketplace(GeM)Portal, while also giving a live portal tour. View