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Evaluation Studies by Multilateral Organizations, Think Tanks & Academic Institutions

S No. Title Organisation Year Theme
1 Improving Efficiency of Vaccination Systems In Multiple States UNDP 2019 Health and Nutrition
2 Strengthening Climate Change Planning and Implementation UNDP 2019 Environment and Forest
3 Ex-Ante Evaluation (for Japanese ODA Loan) Project for Sustainable Catchment Forest Management in Tripura JICA 2018 Environment and Forest
4 Strengthening Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) and National Service Scheme (NSS) in India Mid-term Evaluation Report UNDP 2018 Human Resource Development
5 Energy Efficiency Improvements in Indian Commercial Buildings UNDP 2018 Energy Sector
6 Annual Status of Education Report (Rural) 2018 Pratham 2018 Human Resource Development
7 Terminal Evaluation - 5th Operational Phase of the Small Grants Programme (GEF) UNDP 2018 Industries
8 Bhutan: Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection in Asia: Phase II of the Adaptable Program Loan (PPAR) WORLD BANK 2018 Environment and Forest
9 Increasing Access To HIV/AIDS Prevention And Care For Vulnerable People UNDP 2017 Health and Nutrition
10 Terminal evaluation by UNDP on Indian sustainable urban transport. UNDP 2017 Transport Sector