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Government Partners


The Development Monitoring and Evaluation Office (DMEO) aims to function as a channel for M&E knowledge, resources and skills in India through learning from different tiers and multiple offices under the government. This learning can then be funneled to help Union Ministries, State departments and other external organizations. DMEO is looking to leverage and activate existing capacities in the established government ecosystem to undertake activities with greater depth as well as breadth.


In the recent past, DMEO has engaged with the line ministries in preparing an output-outcome based monitoring framework for central sector and centrally sponsored schemes. It is a powerful document to revolutionize the governance and implementation of public welfare programmes in India. The details about the same can be accessed here


DMEO has also collaborated with Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation for infrastructure review of the Railways sector, involving time and cost analysis of more than 300 railway projects.


The office also takes up evaluation requests (quick assessments) from various line ministries and statutory bodies.


DMEO is also in process of engaging with state governments in capacity building exercises to address cross cutting issues and aims to build a viable monitoring and evaluation ecosystem or the country by engaging with different tiers of the government.


Potential activities to be undertaken by DMEO along with its government partners include:

  1. Building practical M&E resources like guidelines, formats, tool kits and other knowledge products for identified stakeholders including NITI Aayog, Union Ministries and Departments, State government stakeholders etc.
  2. Developing and augmenting M&E curriculum and capacity building courses, and assisting with conducting the training for government and external stakeholders
  3. Organizing joint courses, workshops, forums, seminars etc. in the field of M&E, including field evaluation experiences, case studies, research results etc.
  4. Developing and connecting with networks of M&E professionals, evaluators, public policy practitioners, researchers etc. working under the government set up, for knowledge-sharing, dissemination and collaboration.
  5. Conducting evaluation studies with states as collaborators and assisting with the management of outsourced evaluations
  6. Assistance with the development of technological tools to facilitate data collection, analysis, visualization etc., to provide actionable insights to decision-makers
  7. Providing access to data sets, available with the central and state government departments, in an anonymized form


Current government partners

Swarna Jayanti Haryana Institute for Fiscal Management, Govt. of Haryana

An SOI was signed between DMEO and Swarna Jayanti Haryana Institute for Fiscal Management (SJHIFM) on behalf of State Government of Haryana on 18th August 2020 where both the parties agree to cooperate on driving outcomes-based budgeting and its linkage with SDGs 2030 for the state of Haryana in line with it’s vision 2030. Under this SOI, DMEO shall provide a suggestive framework to the Government of Haryana and SOP to link scheme outputs and outcomes to Departmental outcomes, which in turn will be, linked SDGs and with district annual action plans.