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Brown Bag Series

Date/Time: 28th Sep-20 : 12pm Till 28th Sep-20 : 1pm

Some Key Trends of Results Directly and Indirectly Affecting Children

Data collection period: (1) May end & (2)June / July, 2020

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Date/Time: 28th Sep-20 : 11am Till 28th Sep-20 : 12pm

A community based monitoring to assess socio-economic impact of COVID – 19 pandemics on vulnerable population, especially children and women in 7 states

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Date/Time: 21st Jul-20 : 4pm Till 21st Jul-20 : 5pm

Presentation by Shri Soumendra Chattopadhyay, DDG DPD(HQ), MOSPI

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Date/Time: 17th Jul-20 : 4pm Till 17th Jul-20 : 5pm

Shri Salil Mukhopadhyay, DDG (SDRD) gave a presentation on how the schedule for labour force survey is designed.

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Date/Time: 10th Jul-20 : 4pm Till 10th Jul-20 : 5pm

Shri Amitava Saha DDG (Survey Design & Research Division) during his session covered the schedule design for consumer expenditure.

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Date/Time: 7th Jul-20 : 4pm Till 7th Jul-20 : 5pm

Shri S. L. Menaria, ADG(FOD) spoke about the survey methodologies used in NSS.

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Date/Time: 25th Jun-20 : 4pm Till 25th Jun-20 : 6pm

Prof. Soham Sahoo from Centre for Public Policy (CPP), IIM Bangalore provided an overview of the Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis. Professor Sahoo further… Read More

Date/Time: 5th Jun-20 : 4pm Till 5th Jun-20 : 5pm

Dr Kaushik Krishnan is Chief Economist at the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). Dr Krishnan presented on the geographical coverage, data capture, sampling size and… Read More

Date/Time: 28th May-20 : 4pm Till 28th May-20 : 5pm

Prof Sonalde Desai, Professor and Director at NCAER-National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) is aRead More

Date/Time: 27th May-20 : 4pm Till 27th May-20 : 5pm

Covid 19 has forced organizations to re-think the way they work, both operationally and strategically. Expanding on the same, Maaike Bijker and Dr. Nikola Balvin, Research and… Read More