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Brown Bag Series

Date/Time: 27th May-20 : 4pm Till 27th May-20 : 5pm

Covid 19 has forced organizations to re-think the way they work, both operationally and strategically. Expanding on the same, Maaike Bijker and Dr. Nikola Balvin, Research and… Read More

Date/Time: 26th May-20 : 4pm Till 26th May-20 : 5pm

Dr. Poornima Dore, Head of Data Driven Governance at Tata Trusts, presented to the DMEO team on the principles, priorities, projects and approaches to data driven governance as… Read More

Date/Time: 13th May-20 : 4pm Till 13th May-20 : 5pm

Mr. Eric Kenefick is the Deputy Country Director of the World Food Programme, India.

The pandemic has forced organizations to re-think the way they work, both… Read More

Date/Time: 11th May-20 : 12pm Till 11th May-20 : 1am

Aparna Krishnan is currently Leading J-PAL South Asia’s IDEA Initiative and is also the Project Director overseeing J-PAL South Asia’s institutional engagement with the State… Read More

Date/Time: 24th Feb-20 : 1pm Till 24th Feb-20 : 3pm

Mr. Gonzalo Hernández Licona is a Mexican economist and distinguished scholar in the fields of poverty measurement, economic development and social program evaluation. He has… Read More

Date/Time: 14th Feb-20 : 11am Till 14th Feb-20 : 12pm

Dr. Jyotsna Puri (Jo Puri) leads the Independent Evaluation Office of the Green Climate Fund. She is also adjunct associate professor at the School of International and Public… Read More

Date/Time: 6th Feb-20 : 11am Till 6th Feb-20 : 12pm

Ms. Marie Gaarder, Executive Director and Francis Rathinam, Senior Evaluation Specialist from 3ie (International Initiative for Impact Evaluation) gave an introduction to… Read More

Date/Time: 23rd Jan-20 : 12am Till 23rd Jan-20 : 12pm

Manoj K Prabhakar, Director, India Business Independent Project Analysis (IPA) Inc., Singapore explained some of the challenges which capital intensive Indian projects… Read More

Date/Time: 14th Oct-19 : 4pm Till 14th Oct-19 : 5pm

Dr. Sawada is the chief spokesperson for ADB on economic and development trends, and leads the Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD), which publishes ADB… Read More

Date/Time: 20th Sep-19 : 4pm Till 20th Sep-19 : 5pm

Shri. Shiladitya Chatterjee had presented on the case of Assam where SDGs had been implemented in the Vision Document called Assam 2030: Our Dream, Our Commitment in July 2016… Read More