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03- Behavioural

Competency description from M&E lens: Creates the conditions for monitoring and evaluation staff to feel empowered to suggest solutions.

Competency type: Behavioural.

Competency label: Staff management.

Competency Level and Level Label Competency Level Description

Level 1:

Provides personal guidance and direction

Finalizes work plan with M&E staff in a participatory manner

Makes resources available as per the work plan

Expresses confidence in the ability of the team members to get the work done

Keeps track of assigned tasks by monitoring milestones as per work plan

Level 2:

Expresses trust and stays focussed

Assigns stretched targets while designing the M&E work plan

Ensures the team members have the clarity of the tasks assigned and understands its importance

Provides timely feedback and encourages the team members to undertake the task

Provides the team members with specific direction and hands-on support needed to undertake the task

Does not indulge in fault finding in the event of failure

Recognises success and gives credit for the same

Level 3:

Sets the criteria for success

Provides forums to elicit diverse perspectives across teams to enable robust decisions

Provides direction and process expectations for delivery against a standard of performance

Communicates the criteria of success and does not get into monitoring the details of the work plan

Level 4:

Sets and monitors key policy objectives

Collaboratively sets policy direction as well as targets on key indicators to monitor the policy implementation

Ensures adequate level of authority, required to deliver a specified outcome or series of outcomes

Provides team members the autonomy to operate within organizational policies

Level 5:

Pushes the limits of autonomy within norms of governance

Has faith in the technical know-how, decision-making, and managerial ability of team members

Delegates full authority and responsibility to team members to provide solutions for the government on agreed policies

Creates a culture of trust and empowerment amongst team members