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04- Behavioural

Competency description from M&E lens: Adapts monitoring and evaluation planning and products to emerging situations while maintaining standards.

Competency type: Behavioural.

Competency label: Innovativeness.

Competency Level and Level Label Competency Level Description

Level 1:

Is open to new ideas and change

Identifies possibilities of improvements in existing organizational M&E practices

Open to the possibilities of change and considers ways to implement and adapt change in existing M&E practices in the organization

Improvises in case of issues of urgent importance and can develop innovative and new monitoring and evaluation designs in line with emerging situations

Level 2:

Suggests innovative ways of solving issues and improving current ways of working

Suggests ideas and feedback for improvements in M&E practices in a constructive manner

Supports and encourages post-monitoring and evaluation feedback, learning and improvements

Applies learning from experiences and observations and implements to improve efficiency in the organizational M&E practices

Conducts regular reviews of the progress and identifies possible areas of improvements in M&E practices

Puts aside preconceptions and considers new ideas on their merits

Level 3:

Proactively seeks opportunities to initiate new ideas/change

Seeks improvement in public service delivery through evidence-driven methods

Proactively engages with stakeholders for continuous evidence-based improvement in service delivery

Based on evidence, identifies bottlenecks and warning signs and initiates preventive action

Prepared to meet the challenges of difficult change and encourages others in doing the same

Challenges the status quo and looks for unconventional and evidence-driven solutions

Level 4:

Encourages innovation

Encourages ideas, improvements and measured risk-taking to improve service delivery

Identifies & implements evidence-based changes to transform flexibility, responsiveness, and quality of service

Creates comprehensive plans and redesigns control and evidence-generation mechanisms to respond promptly to critical events and to manage change

Creates the conditions for M&E staff to be creative in problem-solving and experimentation.

Level 5:

reates a culture of innovative thinking and ability to handle change

Critically challenges decision-making and allocation of resources based on credible evidence

Promotes evidence-based innovative thinking and welcomes game changing ideas

Tolerates genuine mistakes and measured risk taking to achieve transformation

Creates a culture of evidence-driven innovation, flexibility, and responsiveness, mobilising the organization to respond swiftly to changing priorities