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06- Behavioural

Competency description from M&E lens: Able to ensure that ethics are incorporated into the evaluation process and uphold ethics under pressure.

Competency type: Behavioural.

Competency label: Ethical assurance.

Competency Level and Level Label Competency Level Description

Level 1:

Acts ethically

Is open and honest in one’s dealings with others

Honours commitments made to others

Acts in ways to avoid conflict of interest - perceived or real

Honest and open in all communications

Gives frank and honest opinion when sought

Follows the rules and regulations and is guided by public service values

Follows the rules, ethics and principles of research and M&E

Does not share information loosely with others

Level 2:

Models the values of the public service

Is guided by public interest in conflicting situations

Creates the conditions for staff to pursue and uphold ethical and technical high standards even under pressure

Is trustworthy in all circumstances

While undertaking research and M&E exercises, treats people impartially, regardless of political, social, demographic, geographic, circumstances or bias

Level 3:

Acts on values even when it is not easy to do so

Enforces public service values, rules of conduct, and research and M&E ethics even in difficult situations

Has the courage and conviction to make and stand by the right decisions, even at significant personal cost

Provides honest and frank advice to uphold public interest

Level 4:

Is seen unflinching on public service values

Ensures full disclosure, by sharing the implications of the decisions being made, and the nature of evidence backing the decisions

Stands firm when dealing with unreasonable requests and demands

Level 5:

Is a role model

Leads by example by maintaining high standards of professionalism and impartiality

Takes accountability for own actions and creates a culture for others also to take accountability for their own actions

Creates a culture that encourages open, honest, and ethical behaviour

Holds people accountable to their actions and rewards those who demonstrate integrity

Acts as a role model for courageous leadership by adopting a principled stance on critical issues