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10- Domain

Competency description from M&E lens: Assesses validity and reliability of data and evidence ensuing from the monitoring and evaluation activities.

Competency type: Domain

Competency label: Quality assurance.


Competency Level and Level Label Competency Level Description

Level 1:

Pays attention to detail

Pays attention to detail as part of M&E activities to obtain comprehensive information

Is knowledgeable of the M&E policies and standards of the organization, as well as global standards, and adheres to them while working

Willingness to consult superiors and peers in order to validate or reconfirm the details

Respects confidential information

Obtains reviews of the monitoring and evaluation design as a quality check

Level 2:

Plans and double checks

Holds self accountable for delivery of high standard deliverables/ outcomes

Double checks own work to ensure standards and guidelines, both organizational and global during M&E, are adhered to and re-work is avoided/minimised

Devotes sufficient time to complete tasks, review documents, methodology, analysis, results and prepare for meetings

Plans own work thoroughly and meticulously by using planning tools such as work plans, checklists, etc and supports the introduction of better ways of working

Ensures technical standards and integrity of data collection instruments and protocols in evaluation design; and the validity and reliability of collected data

Level 3:

Monitors own and other’s work

Holds self and others accountable for delivery of high standard deliverables/outcomes and adherence to policies and procedures

Monitors quality of M&E and provides them support/guidance to perform better by paying more attention to detail

Keeps detailed records of discussions and agreed actions to ensure that information is accurate and prompt follow-up occurs where applicable

Digs deeper by asking questions, examining literature, or consulting the experts when not satisfied with the level of detail

Level 4:

Proactively manages standards

Monitors compliance to organizational M&E procedures and regulatory requirements and takes action in case of any deviation

Ensures that breaches of organizational M&E requirements are treated with appropriate procedures

Builds systemic checks and balances and is proactive and quick in resolving issues and challenges during M&E

Conducts overall reviews and checks to ensure that M&E procedures and standards are being maintained

Level 5:

Contributes to overall quality and standards

Resolves broader issues about risk and compliance related to M&E, and about quality of work and service delivery

Identifies loopholes and takes corrective measures to ensure unnecessary risks during M&E are avoided