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11- Domain

Competency description from M&E lens: Articulates information for planning of M&E activities and resulting information to stakeholders in a manner that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. It also includes the ability to listen and understand the concerns of stakeholders.

Competency type: Domain

Competency label: Communication and utilization of evidence.

Competency Level and Level Label Competency Level Description

Level 1:

Incorporates the perspective of stakeholders during evaluation planning

Listens actively and objectively to perspectives and ideas of stakeholders while designing an M&E plan

Is able to ask questions clearly to gather greater clarity and understanding of issues at hand

Presents basic facts in a clear and concise manner, both orally and in writing, while collaborating with stakeholders

Keeps superiors and other relevant stakeholders informed

Can develop and write a clear and focused evaluation Terms of Reference, in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders

Level 2:

Able to present and convey information clearly

Conveys M&E information fluently and confidently in a manner that clearly explains the insights and recommendations

Elicits feedback on what has been conveyed

Maintains an open communication channel with internal and external stakeholders

Communicates information likely to be perceived negatively with sensitivity and tact

Is able to write complex ideas in an easy to read, coherent, accurate manner devoid of jargon

Able to use reporting formats to report on progress based on M&E findings.

Level 3:

Adapts communication to others

Adapts communication style to suit emerging situations

Takes others’ perspectives into account during communication and presentations

Anticipates the response to messages and adapts communications accordingly

Ensures that evaluation reports and presentations are defensible, clear, concise, and timely, and that the reports and presentations address users’ needs.

Can develop realistic, feasible, specific, measurable, and time-bound evaluation recommendations

Level 4:

Communicates complex messages clearly and credibly

Does not bluff, acknowledges lack of information, acts tactfully, and follows up response in agreed time

Communicates complex issues clearly and credibly, to widely varied audiences

Able to synthesise recommendations from report, prepare presentations for management, record management response, support in drafting improvement plans and use reporting formats for progress updates on action taken

Advises the Head of Department on the adequacy, quality, reliability, and validity of available performance measurement data to support evaluations, accuracy of data interpretation and data gaps that require attention

Level 5:

Communicates strategically

Provides inputs to the Head of Department by integrating the knowledge generated by evaluation activities into strategic advice for senior management.

Uses different forums and media platforms to disseminate M&E insights and recommendations