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12- Functional

Competency description from M&E lens: Negotiates and manages a feasible and technically rigorous and relevant monitoring and evaluation plan, budget, resources, and timeline.

Competency type: Functional.

Competency label: Strategic planning for M&E.

Competency Level and Level Label Competency Level Description

Level 1:

Organises and schedules own work

Demonstrates good time and resource management skills to meet short- and medium-term M&E plans

Plans M&E work schedule and monitors progress against it optimally

Uses available resources optimally to meet M&E work schedules and objective

Identifies and tries to solve bottlenecks in terms of planning and resourcing for M&E in the organization

Level 2:

Monitors own progress

Monitors progress of initiatives periodically and revises M&E work plans as required

Keeps oneself up to date with progress on initiatives and makes necessary adjustments to M&E timelines, work plan, and resource allocation as necessary

Identifies risks and early warning signals and modifies M&E work plan accordingly

Implements effective processes in terms of contracting, supply chain management, and resulting governance and improvement plans.

Can develop an appropriate budget for an evaluation and when necessary to negotiate evaluation budgets and can explain how budgets influence evaluation designs.

Level 3:

Considers interrelated activities

Produces an integrated M&E plan by assessing performance information needs for the organization, generating/validating program theory, and linking it to the organization's objectives and expected results.

Clearly prioritises multiple, interrelated tasks in the M&E plan when working with others

Considers a range of factors in the M&E planning process (for example, costs, timing, public needs, resources available, etc.)

Anticipates risks and incorporates mitigation plan into overall M&E work plan

Level 4:

Manages competing priorities

Steers planning and coordination of organization's activities to achieve sustainable enabling environment backed by credible evidence

Manages resources to meet competing objectives of the organization, without reducing the emphasis on M&E

Establishes alternative courses of action, organises people, and prioritises activities to achieve results more effectively based on credible evidence

Sets, communicates, and makes regular use of M&E evidence to assesses priorities and target achievement

Balances the priorities of different interest groups keeping in mind the bigger picture

Level 5:

Long-term planning focus

Creates a stable and predictable environment to enable organisation in reaching its full potential, backed by credible and actionable evidence

Tracks progress of initiatives and promotes evidence-based decision making for the organization to harness its full potential