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13- Functional

Competency description from M&E lens: Develops subject-specific insights by analysing and interpreting relevant data, and keeping up-to-date with relevant data, analysis platforms, and information channels.

Competency type: Functional.

Competency label: Data analysis and interpretation.

Competency Level and Level Label Competency Level Description

Level 1:

Conducts basic research

Uses available data and information in the organisation

Conducts basic search and analysis of data to obtain information

Level 2:

Investigates situations

Investigates each situation beyond routine questioning by analysing available data and information

Checks assumptions against facts by asking questions based on the analysed data

Connects all the information available and conducts field visits, if needed, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation

Level 3:

Digs deeper

Asks a series of probing questions based on facts and data to get at the root of a situation or a potential opportunity

Consults with experts and practitioners to get the relevant information from existing or potential data sources

Seeks to develop deeper understanding and get an in-depth perspective of a subject using data and information

Level 4:

Conducts research

Makes a systematic effort within limited time to obtain needed data or feedback

Conducts in-depth investigation from different and a wide range of sources

Studies best practices of other states, sectors, regions, subject matter, organisations etc, on use of data for decision-making

Tries to obtain new insight or meaning by conducting or commissioning a formal research if required

Level 5:

Develops own sources of direct information

Conducts field visits (if needed) to gain a comprehensive understanding of situation

Identifies individuals/ systems/ processes or develops trusted sources to conduct regular information and data gathering

Validates the veracity of informal information through data and facts